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Breed: Tiboodle (Tibetan Spaniel X Poodle) 

Other Names: TiPoo

Appearance: Being a hybrid breed, Tiboodles can take after one of the parent breeds or be a combination of traits. Tiboodles usually take the beautiful look of the Tibetan Spaniel mixed with the spunkiness of the Poodle. The coat can be silky in texture and comes in many shades, including gold, cream, fawn, red, white, black and black and tan (or any blend of colours). 

Temperament: Cheeky, lovable and very intelligent. Tiboodles remain puppy-like throughout their lives and enjoy playing but also are happy with time alone. 

Lifespan: Up to 15 years

Height & Weight: Usually 25 - 35 cm and approximately 4 - 7.5 kg

Maintenance: Medium. Tiboodles are low to non-shedding dogs, requiring brushing at least once a week. The Tibetan coat needs little grooming and sheds dirt effectively, requiring a bath only every 2-3 weeks. However, if your Tiboodle has the more dense, curly coat of a Poodle, it will require clipping a few times a year. Large amounts of exercise is not necessary but they do enjoy daily walks and games. 

Recommended For: Suitable as house dogs and are happy in the company of older people looking for a devoted friend, or families with children.