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  Breed: Tibalier (Tibetan Spaniel X Cavalier King Charlesaniel) 

Other Names: Cavatibbie

Appearance: A mix of two smaller spaniels, Tibaliers are a small, pretty breed with a straight coat of medium length with feathering on the legs, feet and tail. They have an undercoat and are usually brown and white or cream and white in colour. 

Temperament: Tibaliers are very gentle, calm and laid back in nature. Given these traits, they are friendly with children and enjoy cuddles but are also playful and inquisitive.    

Lifespan: 12 to 16 years

Height & Weight: Between 4 - 8kg and approximately 33cm in height.

Maintenance: Medium shedding dog. Easy to groom, requiring weekly brushing. Tibaliers also require daily walks and play sessions to expend some energy and keep healthy.

Recommended For: Families and people of all ages seeking companionship, including those with other pets. They do best with a small yard and secure fence.