Shoodle puppies born 25th Oct.

Ready for their new home on the 19th Dec.








                                                                                 Breed: Shoodle (Shih-tzu X Poodle)

Other Names: Shih-Poo

Appearance: Similiar in appearance to Cavoodles but are a smaller dog.  Ears are long & floppy. Coat can be long and silky or short and curly and colours vary from gold, black, tan, white or can be a combination of these. 

Temperament: Very happy, intelligent dog who is a loyal and playful companion, happy to sit in your lap but can be a little bit cheeky.

Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Height & Weight: Approximately 20 - 33cm  and 3 - 5kg

Maintenance: Low. Low to non-shedding coat ideal for allergy sufferers. Brushing is needed at least twice weekly and may need trimming depending upon their coat. Shoodles have a moderate activity level that is adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle. They will enjoy a walk or an active indoor playtime session each day.

Recommended For: Suited to houses of any size including apartment style living. They are ideal pets for families with young children, singles and older less active people.