Puppy Care

Introducing your new puppy!

To make the transition into a new home easier for your puppy, let your puppy explore their new surroundings uninterrupted.

Children need to be reminded that while their puppy needs lots of love, it is also very important for it to rest and not be over handled.

Introducing other family pets needs to be done cautiously with lots of supervision.

Living quarters

It is a good idea to provide a little area that is just for your puppy such as the laundry or quiet corner of the house/bedroom. Your puppy will miss curling up with its siblings so provide some soft blankets and bedding. You may also want to put a hot water bottle beneath the bedding to help keep him/her warm on cooler nights.

Desexing your puppy

Desexing is performed by a veterinarian and prevents unwanted puppies. It also has positive effects on your puppy's health and behaviour. It makes your dog less likely to roam and less territorial, preventing fights and injuries with other dogs. Desexing can also prevent some infections and cancers. It is usually performed around 5-6months of age as they approach sexual maturity but before they come on heat.  


Your local council requires your pet to be registered. Your puppy has been microchipped and all the necessary documentation is provided to you when you take over its care, to help with this process. If you move house remember to update the microchipping details so your puppy can be returned to you if it is ever lost.