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Breed: Shitese ( Shih tzu x Maltese)

names: Mal-shi,

Appearance: Appearance is a mix from the Shih-tzu and Maltese Terrier. The coat is generally long & soft with a gentle wave and can come in a variety and/or combination of colours (black, brown, black and white, brown and white, and black and brown) although white or white and tan is most common.

Temperament: Shitese are a popular designer dog. They are very happy, intelligent and playful pets who are easy to train and an absolute delight to be around, loving a cuddle on your lap after a playtime session. For this reason, they make a great therapy dog and are perfect with children.

Lifespan: 10-14 years

Height & Weight: Approximately 25cm and 3-5kg

Maintenance: Medium. They are a low shedder, thus good for people with allergies. The coat is long and needs to be brushed regularly to prevent tangles. In terms of exercise, they fit in very will with your lifestyle and are good at keeping up if you are active. For their health and wellbeing,a daily walk at least, or a very plaful session is recommended.

Recommended For:  Shitese love people of any age and are adaptable to apartment, houses without yards, and the family home. They are perfect for those who are after a devoted and affectionate companion, and are willing to spend a lot of time with their new family member.