Moodle (Maltese Terrier X Poodle)

Breed: Moodle (Maltese x Poodle).

Other name: Maltipoo, 

Appearance: Moodles are a well-proportioned breed, being smaller in size with a coat that is generally very fine and soft, often with a gentle wavy curl. Colours are varied depending on the Poodle parent. They can range from black, apricot, white or grey.

Temperament: Moodles are a popular designer breed due to their temperament. Playful, cheerful & energetic are the main characteristics of a Moodle but they are also extremely sweet and affectionate. They make the perfect companion dog who are very loyal to their family and are fast learners, commonly used as therapy dogs.

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Height & Weight: Approximately 25cm and 4-7kg.

Maintenance: Medium. Moodle's coats are low to non-shedding. Brushing is required regularly and they may need to be clipped a few times a year.

Recommended For: Suited to all ages and most lifestyles. Moodles love homes with children and other dogs. Because of their low-shedding coat, they are considered to be a hypoallergenic dog, making them a great choice for people with dog allergies.