Frequently Asked Questions


When can I get my puppy?

Puppies cannot be sold before 8 weeks of age to ensure they are ready to be removed from their mum and have received the necessary vaccinations and vet checks.


Are we a puppy farm?

We breed puppies and we do this on a farm but "puppy farm" is a negative term in the dog world. It is used to describe breeders who produce inferior puppies under inferior conditions, without any regard to the dog's health. All of our dogs are loved and healthy. Our large property allows our dogs to get plenty of space & exercise. The adult dogs run in screened enclosures outside while our mothers and pups are located separately in the mum's enclosure with their own private run & heating in winter.  


Why designer dogs?

A long time ago, dogs bred with any other dog which resulted in the best offspring genetically. Then it became fashionable to breed purebred dogs however this resulted in each breed being predisposed to certain health problems and limitations.  A designer dog, also known as a hybrid breed, is produced by crossing two different breeds. This results in a more diverse genetic makeup and means the hybrid breed is less susceptible to conditions associated with the parent breeds. 


Should I get a male or female puppy?

People tend to think a female puppy is more likely to be affectionate than its male counterpart but this is not true. Male puppies are equally as loving and form as strong a bond with their owner/family as female puppies. There is also very little physical difference between the sexes of the smaller designer breeds but the one difference in behaviour can be male puppies marking their territory.  One way you may be able to address this issue, if it is bothersome to you, is to desex your male puppy between 4-6months of age, before they have learnt to lift their leg. 


Can you deliver the puppy?

If you are located in Southeast Queensland, we will make delivery arrangements with you at the time of purchase. However, we can also fly the puppy or also use a trusted company who specialise in dog transport, to get the puppy in a town near you. Contact us for more information and a quote. 


Have another question? 

Please contact us and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 


Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

We provide a health guarantee and a puppy pack upon purchase with vital information, puppy comforts and some quality puppy food to get you started. 

Health Guarantee PDF